Ultimate Stride founder Alex Palermo is a certified Development 1 coach registered with Hockey Canada. He has coached

at the AAA level, played 8 years of AAA hockey for several organizations and played Jr. A Hockey with
the Vaughan Rangers. Alex has also played Ball hockey at a national level with Team Italy.

For over 25 years Alex has been involved with hockey as a player, coach and now as a trainer of young aspiring athletes.
He has worked with various hockey schools throughout the years offering his experience and expertise mainly on the development of skating skills.

“I have taken my experiences to the next level, becoming the owner of my own skating studio, Ultimate Stride Skating Studio.
Here is where I can teach young hockey athletes a main component of this great game off the ice, while implementing the same
ethics on. I have always been a firm believer in individual skill, discipline and hard work, with a main focus on designing programs
which cater to the athlete’s position, age, and skill set. My main objectives are to be a positive influence on young athletes, enhancing
their skill set, teaching them hard work ethics, and enjoying their experience while doing it”.

Tyler Ladouceur has a degree in kinesiology (the study of the human body, and human movement) from Brock University.
It is here he gained experience and knowledge training athletes working under his biomechanics professor,
making use of science and anatomical structures to increase stride efficiency and ability.

He is also a certified personal trainer having spent several years training both sport specifically and training the
general population,  and is currently a registered teacher in both Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Physical activity and fitness are his passions as exhibited from extensive work with charities and schools throughout Canada.
"In 2010 I was part of a cross canada bike ride with a peer of mine raising awareness of the physical inactivity crisis. It is with
this passion that I share my knowledge with all my clients!"

Todd Bojcun is a current goalie coach for the Jr Canadians Minor Atom AAA and current assistant coach and
goalie coach for the Mississauga Senators Bantam AAA. He was the league leader and lowest Gaa league individual in  87/88 & 89/90.
Also Lowest Gaa team 87/88 & 88/89 (Dave Pickney award) and League Rookie lowest goal against (FW Dinty Moore award) 87/88,  
OHL Champions 88/89 and OHL Star Team Member 89/90. In 1990 he was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres - 4th pick 100 overall.


ULTIMATE TREADMILL TRAINING                                            ULTIMATE DRYLAND TRAINING



The Step Loading
approach allows for the training load to be increased for three weeks in succession followed by a fourth week of a lesser load(see figure;  shows step loading, mapped with projected performance improvements). This allows the body to compensate and regenerate to prepare for further load increases in the following weeks of training.  

To successfully create a step load program intensity, and duration must be manipulated to allow for physiological adaptations and skill enhancement. Depending on the athlete’s position, age, and skill set, programs are individualized.

The most important thing when it comes to training athletes is planning, with the proper modalities and training programs
we have the skill and knowledge to improve your game!


"William has been going to Ultimate Stride for 2 years. Initially, our goal was to correct his choppy stride that William had developed, which had to not been corrected over the years. Training with Alex at Ultimate Stride has surpassed our expectations. Due to his expertise in teaching on the treadmill,  Alex was able to  pinpoint William`s difficulties with his movement and teach him a smoother, more powerful and efficient stride. William loves working with Alex on the treadmill and shooting range. His professionalism and dedication has made a tremendous difference in William`s skating. The treadmill is now an integral part of William`s weekly training. 

Thanks Alex" 

“ For over 3 years many private power skating instructors attempted at helping my skating posture and stride without success. Skating treadmill, and its ability to incline at different angles, helped strengthen my leg muscles, and forced me to straighten my back in a proper skating posture, allowing me to increase my speed with greater ease”

Darius Mani, age 11

Hey Alex,

"After trying various power skating programs, we decided to visit Alex at the Ultimate Stride Studio. This was by far and away the most effective method in improving my son's stride mechanics. He was able to generate a more powerful and balanced stride in addition to improving both his stamina and endurance.

Thank you Alex!"

Hockey Parent

There’s no more efficient and cost-effective way to improve your son or daughter’s core skating fundamentals than UltimateStride. Alex’s attention to detail and fun environment equals great results! You’ll see immediate improvement with their on-ice skating.  Peter – father of two hockey players
Peter A. King
Sr. Director, Sponsorship and Community Investment
Rogers Communications, Inc.

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